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Syrup's up!

Like many coffee shops, we started out pumping a lineup of pre-bottled flavor syrups into our lattes.

And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with going pre-made — there are some good brands out there — we always knew we wanted to transition into concocting our own using the same high-caliber ingredients that match our high-caliber coffee.

After lots of measuring, spilling, scraping vanilla beans, and — oh, shucks— taste testing, we are proud to unveil our new homemade syrups for your sipping pleasure!

🌟Organic Lavender


🌟Madagascar Vanilla

We're proud to stick with quality ingredients like:

✅ Organic, raw cane sugar

✅ Madagascar vanilla beans

✅ Extra culinary grade organic lavender flowers

We're proud to say our syrups have:

❌ NO artificial coloring

❌ NO artificial flavoring

❌ NO fake sugars

Give 'em a whirl during your next Stella experience. We think you'll love the true flavors really shining through as opposed to just a sugary sweetness.

(Psst! ❤️Try Libby's favorite: A half vanilla, half lavender combo!)

We're always looking to expand our lineup with deliciousness.

Please let us know in the comments what flavors YOU would like to see next!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your next cup!

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